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When reality fails: What to know about psychosis

Author Kara Gavin

June 9, 2022

Dr. Stephan Taylor, M.D., and clinical psychologist Ivy Tso, Ph.D., of Michigan Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry recently did a public video chat public awareness of psychosis as part of Mental Health Awareness Month.

More awareness could mean more young people with psychosis get into treatment quickly. And that can make a big difference in their immediate mental health and their long-term futures.

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'Navigating a Mental Health Crisis' Webinar Series

October 19, 2021

Tyler Grove, Ph.D. gave a talk at the NAMI Webinar series. This educational virtual series was a collaboration between the Department of Psychiatry, NAMI Washtenaw County, and Community Mental Health, Washtenaw County.

“AFTER” A Mental Health Crisis

  • NAMI WC Speaker: Cristobal Acosta - Mental Health Peer, Community Mental Health staff member

  • Michigan Medicine Speaker: Tyler Grove, Ph.D. - Clinical Assistant Professor

  • CMH Speaker: Katie Hoener, LMSW - Program Administrator for Adult MI team

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Marijuana Use & Early Psychosis

October 15, 2021

Join the Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry’s Alyssa Smith, LLP, and Jonathan Morrow, M.D., Ph.D., for a live Q&A examining the potential links between heavy marijuana use and the onset of early psychosis. Join live on Facebook on 11/10 at noon:

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16th Annual MOM Race for Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention

October 12, 2020

While we're disappointed that we can’t all be together for our usual Royal Oak run/walk for the second year in a row, there are some perks to a Virtual MOM Race. You get to select your race location, starting time, and even the date if the flagship 5/1 event doesn't work for you. And your out-of-state friends and family members can participate alongside you remotely. Plus, the Virtual MOM Race is not just limited to a 5K run/walk.

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Happy New Year! Let’s learn about psychosis

Jan 8, 2021

Ivy Tso, Ph.D. and Alyssa Smith, L.L.P., join the Mental Minute podcast (10:08) to discuss their work with the PREP Early Psychosis Clinic at U-M. At PREP, the program's mission is to provide education, assessment, referral, treatment, and research in the area of early psychosis and psychosis risk. Dr. Tso dives into some of the research and Alyssa lets us know how things stand in the community.

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Distorted Reality: What to Do About Early Signs of Psychosis

October 12, 2020

Seeing, hearing, or perceiving things that aren’t really there may seem like something to hide, but seeking help early can make a big difference. Click to read this article and watch the video featuring our expert, Dr. Taylor.

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